Heavy Equipment

Sometimes the biggest successes can hinge on the smallest details. For manufacturers of heavy equipment like earthmovers, cement mixers, dump trucks and more, that attention to detail means there's a huge advantage to teaming up with JASCO. At JASCO, we know that a multi-ton piece of equipment can be stopped dead in its tracks by the failure of a part weighing just a few pounds. Our precision machined components and custom engineered cutting tools will consistently generate results in your toughest environment.

Whether you need large bearings for heavy trucks or structural components for earth movers, JASCO provides machining services and specialty cutting tools that meet your design and build requirements. Make JASCO your solution for heavy equipment manufacturing…and together we'll move mountains.

Precision Parts for Heavy Industry:

  • Third Member Units
  • Axles
  • Transmission Cases
  • PDUs
  • Pump Bodies
  • Differential Cases
  • Structural Components
  • Bearings